Paige Pro Music Service    Electronic Repair Specialist
Professional repair & maintenance of all types of electronic musical performance equipment and audio gear
Based in Suttons Bay, Michigan 231-271-3867
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My basic shop rate is $50/hour, in quarter hour increments, plus parts and tax.

With few exceptions, to process and look at a piece of equipment will be a $50 minimum. 

If a unit has doubtful value, I may need a deposit of $50 or more in order to start working.

My basic in-home repair rate is $60/hour, in quarter hour increments with a minimum of $100 to analyze and complete an electronic repair. 

I have to cover my time and vehicle costs for travel, and those rates are $.50/mile for vehicle costs, and $20 per hour in quarter hour increments for my time away from my bench. 

Please bear in mind that these rates have to reflect all of the time spent in my office researching, calling, and doing other background necessary in order to complete your repair.
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