Paige Pro Music Service    Electronic Repair Specialist
Professional repair & maintenance of all types of electronic musical performance equipment and audio gear
Based in Suttons Bay, Michigan 231-271-3867
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Having played through and repaired guitar amps for 40 years, I am very experienced with vintage and collectible tube and solid state amps

I work on all types and brands of guitar amplifiers including solid state (transistor) or tube amplifier, new or old, such as Fender, Marshall, Peavey, Gibson, Ampeg, Mesa/Boogie, Vox, Crate and vitirually any other brand that I can get parts and information for.

  • I keep many tubes and parts in stock and try to have several choices of the most popular type tubes. 
  • I cancorrectly bias your output tubes for the best sound and long life.
  • Collectors: I can restore your vintage amp and bring back that tone it originally had.


I can also take care of any electronic issues with your guitar: jacks, switches, pickups, controls, etc.



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